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Knowing how to enable Action Mode on iPhone 14 is a fast way to up the quality of your video content. If you’ve not heard of Action Mode, it’s essentially a gimbal built into your iPhone. That is to say, it provides image stabilization for when you’re shooting video handheld and on the move.

This feature exists on your iPhone 14 or iPhone 4 Plus, too! Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t feature on earlier iPhones. 

For iPhone 14 users, the feature is easy to turn on, and we’re here to show you how.

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How to enable Action Mode on iPhone 14

1. Launch the Camera app on your device and tap Video.

2. Tap the running person icon, top right. This turns Action Mode on. Now tap record when ready.

3. All there’s left to do is film your buttery smooth footage.

After using this feature for the first time, it was impressive at the level of stabilization it provided. While it won’t match video shot on a professional camera rig, I could still see it being used for some quick B roll footage.

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