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Meta now launches Avatar feature for WhatsApp. Both iOS and Android users can create their Avatar and express their emotions with customized Avatar stickers. Here’s how to set-up and send WhatsApp Avatar stickers.

How to create a WhatsApp avatar

1. Launch WhatsApp, tap the Settings cog, bottom right, then tap Avatar.

2. Tap Create Your Avatar.

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3. Select Get started.

4. Select a skin tone, then tap Next.

5. Use the bar in the middle of the screen to cycle through avatar elements, such as hair style and colour, body shape, clothes, eyes etc. Tap the mirror icon, top right, to open your frontal camera, if you’re going for accuracy.

6. Select Done when you’re done.

7. Tap Save changes to confirm.

8. Tap Next.

9. You’ll now be taken back to the Avatar menu. Tap Edit Avatar to go back and make changes.

How to set your WhatsApp avatar as your profile picture

1. In Settings, tap your profile picture to edit your profile, then tap Edit.

2. Tap Edit.

3. Tap Use Avatar.

4. Select an avatar style and background color. Then tap Done when ready.

How to send your WhatsApp avatar as a sticker

1. In a chat, tap the sticker icon, then tap the avatar icon.

2. Tap the avatar sticker you want to send and it’ll be sent to the chat.

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