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Below, will be showing you the easy way to create your own sticker on Tiktok..

Most people don’t know that they can create and own sticker on Tiktok just like the way people create stickers on WhatsApp. 
Below, will be showing the steps and video on how to create your own sticker on Tiktok..
  •  Open your tiktok app and click on the [ + ] at the bottom. Ex: in the image below. 

  •  Click and import a video. You can import any video. After importing a video. You’ll see an Icon or Sticker click it. 

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  • Then you’ll see a sticker that looks like gallery, Click it and  Select the images you want to use as sticker. 

  • Then, You’ll see Upload to remove background  click it to remove background. Then click OK on the bottom right.

You have successfully create your own sticker.

Thanks, I Hope This Is Helpful..

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