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TikTok Security: How to See Who’s Using Your Account

Much credits goes to TikTok their short comic videos that is often streamed by a lot of viewers. This is a web-based media platform that bring all the funny 30 minutes videos into your phone. The application has been much likened and this makes it to be one of the top online media application. The day by day dynamic audience and users with an assessment of more than 800 million all contributes to the fame of the Chinese app. In this article, we will take a gander at how to secure your TikTok account; and knowing who’s logging into your account.

TikTok is a short-form video application that is very popular for their short captivating videos. The platform permits users to transfer their best recordings to the world in a comical way. The social app has various features that oblige quality video shooting.  
Just like any other internet based platform, TikTok isn’t guarantee of all-round security, hence it is altered in contrast to their partners. There’s an absence of the two-factor authentication system, yet the app only make users to check code each time they sign in.  With the high audience TikTok has, it has been prone to breach of security by hackers. They do this by making adversely impact on users’ account or even lock them out.
On the off chance that you want to identify when somebody is accessing your account, then you should read this article to the last punctuation mark. Just as there are a few different ways to get rid of odd instances like this, it’s pertinent to have a detailed guide on the whole process involved.

About TikTok Account Security

The interesting news is that TikTok allows their users to check the last action carried out on their accounts. This implies that they can know the last login to their account, which gadget was used, and other important information about the login.
Doing the security action of your TikTok account gives warning on the versatile application hence keeping you refreshed; the application software finds a way to get the details.

How to See Last Seen Active Users on TikTok Account (Android and IOS)

First you need to request for your account information from the settings, which may require a couple of days to prepare your data. The website is secure as once the information is sent, it just stays on downloads for four days and expires. During this period, ensure to check the details and login info.

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Step 1: Request for Account Data

The process of demanding for your account information starts by first opening the TikTok app on your phone and sign in using your info.
• On TikTok app landing page, a suggested video will play, select your profile symbol at the lower part of the page.
• This is followed by going to the setting option and navigating to the setting and privacy screen. On a similar tab, click security and safety entry.
• On opening the security page, check for the personalization and information area, the page will give the download your data section tab.
• The application will show the download of your information page with two alternatives ‘Request data, and ‘download the information’. This is where all your data with the application is stored and you will have to get a copy of it when ready.
• Then you will now click on the request data tab to proceed; you can likewise tap on download data, which will show status as forthcoming.
• You should check the page consistently for the request; the application will inform you subsequent to getting the mentioned information. At the point when you if is ready, you can then download the information and go through.
Note that most times the application may require one month to handle the process of getting the data ready.

Step 2: Download the Data

Open the application on your gadget and follow the initial four request data steps.
• Click the download tab At the point when you get to the download data segment.
• The page will display the mentioned information list; first-time request will show as one section. Then you will now click the download button close to the new request.
• The following step should be to open the application you ought to download to pick your program, which will take you to the TikTok website.
• The option will show all logins on your TikTok account, select the favored strategy, and proceed.
• Now enter your details which are required and confirm to proceed. If it’s not too much trouble, enter the manual human test code; the application will send confirmation code use it to continue.
• The application software will request you to download the ZIP, which has your login details by tapping the download button.
That’s it on how to download your TikTok account data.

Step 3: View the Login history

After you have the downloaded data, next thing is to access your long history through it.
• Open and login the TikTok application on your phone.
• Select your profile symbol from the home screen to continue; check for the inbox symbol and tab.
• TikTok will give an all action tab rather than an exemplary inbox; a click of the button refreshes the details. Doing this action will refreshes the page and reflect all your TikTok activities.
Subsequent to checking the updates, go to manage devices and see all gadgets signed into your record.

How Do I Know My Account was Logged in?

Any unauthorized access by another person to your account is attributed as suspicious activities.  
In the event that you see new videos that you didn’t transfer for you, it shows somebody is accessing your account. Also, if you recognize new followers who you haven’t approved to watch or view your account for private videos, then it might be the work of a hacker.
When you notice all these activities, ensure to change your secret key quickly to protect your account from getting out of your hands.


So far we have expressed on how to see who is accessing your TikTok account. We included the ways to track the activities on your account. We believe you now have an idea of how to your secure your account.

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