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This article explains how to set up a new Android phone. These guide will be helpful if you have factory reset your Android phone and have to set it up again from scratch.

How to Set Up Your New Android Phone 

You can follow this steps and set it up once you have unboxed your new Android phone and charged it up.

Sometimes, Android phones that are not made by Google have additional steps, such as Samsung’s custom data transfer feature, and Motorola’s demonstration of their Moto Actions and Gestures. In most cases, the basic steps will appear in the same order as they do below with only minor changes.

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Back Up Your Old Phone

The first thing you should do for a seamless transition from old phone to new is backing up your old phone. The simplest way is to back up your data to your Google account. Menu options can differ a little from phone to phone. For example, on a Pixel, you go to Settings, System, Backup, but on a Samsung Galaxy phone, you go to Settings, Accounts and backup, Backup and restore. Whichever ways you take, make sure the backup option is toggled on when you get there and click Back up now.

Backing up your phone ensures that your contacts, calendars, text messages, wallpaper, apps, and a few other system settings will make the jump to your new device. Your old phone won’t upload everything on time especially if you haven’t backed up recently.

Install the Google Drive app If you are switching from an iPhone. Go to settings in the Google Drive app on your iPhone, Backup, and select everything you want to save and move across to your new phone. You should also go to your iPhone Settings and turn off iMessage and FaceTime, otherwise, you might miss calls and texts on your new phone.

Setting Up Your New Android Phone

Put your SIM card in your new phone, start by holding down the power button to turn it on. Once you have powered up your device, The phone will be booted and you will be greeted with a series of set-up chores depending on the manufacture of your Android. This is where you will need to set your language preferences, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and enter your Google account details. This is the same as your Gmail address and password. Set up security features like the device unlock passcode and the fingerprint unlocking feature, if your phone offers it. Lastly, you can decide if you want to use Google Assistant and set up voice commands if you do.

Being signed in to your Google account makes it easy to set up a new phone from there. Things like contacts, calendars, and emails that are tied to your Google account whether you stashed them there from the web or your old phone can flow onto your new device after you log in. You will be prompted to choose what you want to restore from your most recent backup. This is a great opportunity to scan your app list and ditch any old apps or games you don’t use anymore.

Depending on the new Android phone you have chosen, The next screen might give you an option to copy data from your old device directly. This is usually done through Wi-Fi, but you can connect the two phones with a cable sometimes. If you are given the option, we recommend you to do it because it is by far the fastest and easiest way to copy your old data (especially photos and videos).

Another option to back up your important photos and videos, Whether your old phone is an Android or IPhone, another best option is to use Google photos, which comes preinstalled on Android devices. Your photos are automatically saved every time you back up your photos on an Android phone.

It’s okay if you are not already using Google photos, Pick up your old phone, and back up all your photos to the Google Photos cloud by opening the app and clicking on your small round user icon in the upper right. Select Back up now and wait for the photos to sync. Your photos should then be available to browse and download on your new Android phone as well as the web, and any iOS device where you’ve downloaded the Google Photos app.  

Once you have synced all the data that is available from your Google account, you will want to link some of your other accounts to your phone. Just go to Settings, Accounts (or Passwords & accounts), click Add account, and enter your info for Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Skype, and any other you use on the regular. (You can also just open each app and sign in.)

Lastly, You may be asked to set up Google Assistant,To configure the Assistant, head to Settings, Apps, Assistant, and click See all Assistant settings at the bottom, where you can customize how it works, what kind of info is useful to you, what sort of voice activation you prefer, if any, and a whole lot more.

Do You Need a Google Account to Set Up an Android Phone? 

Google account isn’t necessary to set up an Android phone, and if you choose not to log into one you will skip several steps in the setup process. Your phone will still operate without a Google account, and you will be able to send and receive calls and text messages.

Other features will not work without a Google account. You won’t be able to download apps from Google Play, and you won’t be able to use Google Services. For the best Android experience, a Google account is recommended.

Do You Need to Use Gmail on Android Phones? 

You don’t need to use Gmail, While a Google account is required to get the most out of your Android phone. Your phone is automatically set up to use the Gmail address that is associated with your Google account, but you can also add multiple Gmail addresses to one phone.

You can set up other email services on Android if you have an email account from a different provider. You don’t even need to use the built-in Mail app if you don’t want to, as there are a number of great email apps available from Google Play.

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