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Android gadgets have the very best range of customers nowadays who experience the benefit of those smartphones however not without a few troubles like android sending replica messages. It may be a nuisance to the receiver and the sender, explaining why many android customers are after understanding the way to prevent android from sending double textual content messages.

First, it’s worth nothing that android sending duplicate text messages should bring about many troubles, which includes issues with the phone, invalid sim card, and third-party messaging apps. Since there are numerous reasons of android sending double text messages, there are similarly many methods to fix them. This article helps you know to restore the android phone that continues sending a couple of text messages, however let’s first see the reasons that causes the mistake in the first place.

The Cause of Duplicate Text Messages on Android 

Several issues can cause an Android phone to send double text messages however typically, the difficulty has a tendency to fall into numerous vast categories.

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  • An issue with your Wi-Fi or cell statistics network
  • A wrong placing in the messaging app
  • A problem with the messaging app
  • A problem together along with your Android tool

In most cases, double text messages are as a result of the primary  of those 4 issues. If this is the case, it could be resolved quickly. Problems with an app or tool, however, are greater tough to restore.

How to Fix Duplicate Text Messages on Android 

Follow the steps below to prevent sending double text messages on Android. Be certain to observe the listing in order, because the most likely answers are positioned first.

1. Turn Wi-Fi off and turned on again. A weak Wi-Fi connection could cause an Android phone to attempt re-sending a message after it was already sent, inflicting a duplicate message.

2. Switch off mobile data and returned on again. As with Wi-Fi, a weak data and connection might also cause an Android device to attempt re-sending a message that was already sent.

3. Find a place with better mobile data reception. Turning Wi-Fi and mobile data on and go into reverse may not solve the difficulty if you are in a place with terrible reception. Move to a place with better reception, if possible.

4. Turn off Automatically resend as text (SMS/MMS) in the Messages app.

  • The setting is positioned under Settings > Chat Features in the Messages app. Third-party messaging apps commonly have a comparable characteristic, even though the characteristic can be categorized differently.
  • This features resends a message as an SMS/MMS message if it believes the message did not send over Wi-Fi or mobile data. An Android device might also do so incorrectly even if a message was successfully sent, inflicting a duplicate message.

5. Turn off Enable chat features in the Messages app.

  • The setting is positioned under Settings > Chat Features in the Messages app. Third-party messaging apps commonly have a comparable characteristic, even though it is able to be categorized differently.
  • Chat Features makes use of Wi-Fi or mobile data to send a message rather than SMS services. This is commonly favored however should cause duplicates in case your Android device mistakenly attempts to do each at once.

6. Clear the messaging app’s cache.

  • The setting is positioned in the Settings app under Apps > Messages > Storage & cache.
  • The cache is used to save numerous configuration data for an app. Clearing it is going to restore transient issues inflicting duplicate messages.

7. Reboot your Android device. A reboot will pressure all apps to shut and could reset most data saved in RAM, which can clean a transient hassle inflicting duplicate messages.

8. Reinstall your messaging app. Removing and re-putting in the messaging app might also prove a hassle, however it begins the app with a easy slate. This should resolve the hassle inflicting duplicate messages.

9. Switch messaging apps. The hassle is probably as a result of a bug in the messaging app to your Android device . Using a distinctive messaging app should restore the difficulty.

10. Remove and reinsert the SIM card on your Android device. The SIM card is used to speak with your mobile data  company, so any difficulty with the SIM card may cause  duplicate messages. Reinstalling the card may resolve the problem .

11. Factory reset your Android device. A factory reset will return your Android device’s software program and firmware to like-new condition. This might also solve the problem.

Note: A factory reset will eliminate all data out of your Android device. Be sure to backup your Android device’s important files before you reset the device .

12. Contact your mobile data company. Though rare, it is possible your mobile data company is the source of duplicate text messages. Contact the company’s customer support for help troubleshooting the difficulty.

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