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GTA 5 also know as Grand thief auto V is one of the successful game in the world, Mostly people play the game with piece of paper containing cheat codes right beside them. Rockstar Games are one of the few developers that still incorporate cheat codes in their games.

Cheat codes are those special methods which allow gamers to access some advantages such as more lives, power, extra equipment and higher levels. These cheat codes that are created by the developer and are hidden in the game.

GTA 5 cheat codes PDF

Some players often look out for the PDF file of the GTA 5 cheat codes. Here is the download link for the PDF file that players can refer to whenever they need to enter cheats in the game.

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GTA 5 Full Cheat Codes

For those who want the full cheat codes without downloading any pdf file. the full codes are listed in image below .

How to enter the cheats

Open the console by pressing the (~). Enter the cheat code – boom you are good to go.

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