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The Control + F shortcut (Command + F on a Mac) is not a difficult method to look for text on a computer. Android devices can be used to search text, but the method varies between apps. This guide will explain how to Control+F on Android.

How to Control F on Android 

Generally, Android lacks Control+F shortcut to look for text so there is no single, standardized method to find text that works in all Android apps. However, Most apps, do have a way to look for text and we will explain the most common and give you tips on finding the feature in the app you are using.

On Chrome

You can easily find text while on page if you are making use of  the Chrome browser on your phone.

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  • All you need to do is click on the three dot at the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Find in page” from the drop-down menu

  • Type in the keyword that you are looking for on the page.
  • The keywords will be highlighted in yellow, making it easy for you to find them. You will also be shown the number of times the keyword is present on the page.
  • By using the navigation arrows you can go to the next or previous place where the keyword has been used. When you navigate to any keyword the highlight color will change from yellow to orange.

How do you Ctrl F on Google Docs app? 

With Google Docs, Sheets and slides, You can find and replace words in a document. You can also search within a file using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + f (⌘ + f on a Mac).

  • Open the menu (three vertical dots) in the upper right.
  • Select Find and Replace.
  • Enter the text you will like to look for.
  • Tap Search (the magnifying glass icon).
  • Matching text will appear highlighted through the document.

The guidelines above apply to Google Docs but are helpful for other document editing apps. Most will have a menu in a similar location, and most refer to the text search function as Find and Replace.

Microsoft Word is a notable exception, as it places a text search function (a magnifying glass icon) in the menu bar at the top of the app.

How Do You Use Control F?

You must know how to use the CTRL-F keyboard shortcut to search within a PDF. To do this, you need to take a screenshot of the text you want to search. This feature is available on Milagro Mobile app. Alternatively, you can use the find in page feature of Android. By using these methods, you will be able to search text within any PDF document. You will need to have access to Google Chrome.

Firstly, open a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari. In the top right corner, You will find the search bar there, hit the home button to launch the keyboard. From there, you can type in the search term and hit enter. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the result you’re looking for. If you don’t know how to use Control F, Milagro mobile marketing has a tutorial for you.

Using Control F in Other Android Apps 

Unfortunately,  there is a lack of a general Control+F function in Android, but now that you are done with the article you may have noticed a few trends.

Some apps will place a text search function within a menu (three vertical dots). In most cases, the text search function will be seen in a menu bar at the top of the app. Sometimes a magnifying glass icon is used to represent the search function.

While lot of Android apps gives text search, it’s always unavailable. But unfortunately, it is not possible to search for text in an Android app that lacks its own in-app text search function.

How to Control F in Messages 

Messages is the default text messaging app for Android devices. Below is how to Control F in the Messages app.

Tap Search (the magnifying glass icon) in the menu bar at the top of the app.

  • Put in the text you want to look for.
  • Tap Search (the magnifying glass icon) located in the lower right of the QWERTY keyboard.
  • Texts that match the search will show in the app with matching text highlighted.

This method is not as general as others, as many Android phone manufacturers replace the default Messages app with their own alternative. Third-party messaging apps, like WhatsApp, also differ.

While on Android, each messaging app on has its own, unique method, most label the Control+F function as Search or Find and use a magnifying glass icon to represent it.

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