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SteamOS, the linux-based operating system that the Steam Deck runs on, like any other operating system, needs to be kept up to date to ensure any bugs are fixed, any drivers are installed and any security loopholes are patched. 

Thankfully, you can update your Steam Deck easily. If you’ve just got a Deck and are wondering how to do so, this guide has you covered. Here’s how to update a Steam Deck.

How to update a Steam Deck

Before updating the Steam Deck, make sure it is in Game Mode and not Desktop mode. Once that is done, follow these steps to update SteamOS:

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1. Press the Steam button. 

2. Select Settings. 

3. Under the System tab, select Check for Updates. 

4. If any updates are pending, select Apply. 

5. Once an update has been installed, restart the Steam Deck. 

Your Steam Deck should now be in perfect working order

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