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Doing a factory reset can be helpful when you want to start fresh with your PC or if you’re experiencing some issues that you can’t seem to fix. 

Below are the steps to follow on how to factory reset Windows 11

Step 1: Backup Your Data

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Before you start the factory reset process, it’s essential to back up all your important documents. You wouldn’t want to lose anything valuable during the reset. 

Step 2: Go to Settings

To start, go to the Windows Start menu and click on the gear-shaped icon to open the Settings app. Alternatively, you can press the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open it directly. 

Step 3: Go to System

In the Settings app, you’ll see various categories on the left side. Look for “System” and click on it. This is where you’ll find all the system-related settings. 

Step 4: Choose Recovery

Within the System settings, select the “Recovery” option. Here, you’ll find options to reset your PC. 

Step 5: Reset Your PC

Once you’ve reached the Recovery subsection of the System Settings menu, you will see some recovery options available. The one you want reads “Reset this PC”, so click the Reset PC button next to it.

Under the “Reset this PC” section, click on the “Get started” button. You’ll be presented with two options: “Keep my files” and “Remove everything.” 

  • If you want to keep your personal files but remove apps and settings, choose “Keep my files.”
  • If you want a full wipe and start completely fresh, select “Remove everything.”

Step 6: Follow the Instructions

After making your choice, Windows 11 will guide you through the rest of the process. You might need to confirm your decision and enter your Windows password if prompted. 

Step 7: Wait for the Reset

Windows will then proceed with the reset, which may take some time depending on the speed of your PC and the amount of data to be cleared. 

Step 8: Set Up Windows 11

Once the reset is complete, your PC will be like when Windows 11 was first installed. You’ll need to set up Windows again, just like you did when you first got the PC. 

And there you have it! Your Windows 11 PC should now be fully reset and ready to go. Just remember to reinstall your essential programs and restore your data from the backup you made earlier.

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