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If you have more than one phone for your private life and one for work you may have encountered issues syncing your information across devices. This used to be especially true with WhatsApp.

The company ties your account to a specific number and SIM card. This meant that, until recently, you had to use a workaround to use that account on more than one device. But WhatsApp added a new feature earlier this year allowing you to use the same account on up to five accounts at once. Let’s dive in as we take a look at how to use WhatsApp on two phones.

1. WhatsApp Web/Desktop: WhatsApp offers a web and desktop version that allows you to mirror your WhatsApp account from your primary phone to another device. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp on two devices using WhatsApp Web/Desktop:

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  • Open a web browser on the second device (e.g., a computer or tablet).
  • Go to the WhatsApp Web page (web.whatsapp.com) or open the WhatsApp Desktop app.
  • On your primary phone, open WhatsApp and tap on the three-dot menu icon (Android) or Settings (iPhone).
  • Select “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” or “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the web or desktop interface using your primary phone’s camera.
  • Once the QR code is scanned, your WhatsApp account will be mirrored on the second device, allowing you to send and receive messages.

Please note that your primary phone has to remain connected to the internet as it serves as the main connection for the mirrored WhatsApp session. Also, ending the mirrored session will require you to repeat the QR code scanning process.

2. WhatsApp Business and Personal Accounts: If you have a separate business phone number, you can use WhatsApp Business alongside regular WhatsApp on two devices. This allows you to have two separate WhatsApp accounts on different phones with different phone numbers.

  • Install WhatsApp Business from the appropriate app store on the second device.
  • Follow the setup process and register it with your business phone number.
  • This way, you can manage personal messages on the primary phone and business messages on the secondary phone.

These methods offer some flexibility to extend your WhatsApp usage across two devices, but they come with limitations and requirements.

It’s always recommended to use WhatsApp within the supported usage guidelines provided by WhatsApp to ensure a reliable and secure experience.

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