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The order of songs in an Apple Music playlist can be reordered either manually one by one or all at once by using the built-in sorting function. This article covers the steps for both Apple Music playlist sorting methods.

How to Sort Playlists in Apple Music 

Here’s how to sort a playlist in Apple Music by using the sort function. 

The following instructions for sorting Apple Music playlists apply to iPhones running iOS 16 and higher.

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1. Select Playlists from the Apple Music Library tab.

2. Select the Apple Music playlist that you want to sort.

3. In the upper-right corner, Select the ellipsis (three encircled dots) button 

4. Choose Sort By.

5. Choose your preferred sorting filter.

  • Playlist Order: The saved playlist song order. Choosing this option when it’s already selected will reverse the order of the songs.Title: Sorts the playlist’s songs alphabetically from A-to-Z.Artist: Lists the songs alphabetically A-to-Z according to the credited performer or composer name.Album: Sorts the playlist’s songs alphabetically A-to-Z based on their album name.

Release Date: Sorts songs chronologically newest to oldest, indicated by a down arrow. Click this option again to sort oldest to newest, indicated by an up arrow.

How to Sort Individual Songs in Apple Music Playlists 

If you just want to change the order of specific songs in a playlist in Apple Music instead of the entire list, you can do so manually. Have it in mind though moving an individual song will change their saved order in the playlist, not just the way they’re viewed during the current session. You can move songs as many times as you want, however.

1. In the upper-right corner, Select the ellipsis (three encircled dots) button 

2. Tap Edit.

3. Long-press the three horizontal lines to the right of the song that you want to move and drag the song up or down to the desired position in the playlist.

4. Select Done once all of your songs have been sorted. Your Apple Music playlist is now sorted.

How to Remove a Song From an Apple Music Playlist 

Select the three encircled dot to completely remove a song from a playlist in Apple Music, next to the song you want to delete and select Remove from Playlist.

Removing a song from a playlist will simply delete it from that specific playlist. The song will still remain in your Apple Music library and any other playlists to which it’s been added.

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