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Encountering a Steam Cloud error can be frustrating, as it may affect the synchronization of your game saves between different devices.

What Causes the Steam Cloud Error? 

When you experience this error, you’ll typically encounter one of these messages:

  • Steam Cloud Error
  • Steam was unable to Sync your files for (game) with the Steam Cloud
  • Unable to Sync

These messages appear when Steam checks your local game files and they don’t match with the save data that’s saved in the Steam Cloud. This usually happens when you play games on multiple computers, but it can also happen if you only play on one.

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The most common cause of the Steam Cloud error is when you play on one computer and make progress in a game, and then launch the game on another computer that isn’t set to sync with the Steam Cloud. Since the data doesn’t match, Steam provides a warning. Depending on the specific error, you may have the option to play the game anyway or try to sync again.

If you opt to play a game after receiving the Steam Cloud error, you may lose progress in your game because the game may end up using the older save files. Try to resolve the problem before playing the game if at all possible.

Here are a few steps you can take to try and fix a Steam Cloud error:

1. Check Steam Server Status: First, it’s a good idea to make sure the issue is not related to Steam’s servers. Visit the Steam Store page or check websites that monitor the status of Steam’s servers.

2. Restart Steam: Sometimes, simply restarting Steam can resolve various issues. Close Steam completely, including any background processes, and then relaunch it. Check if the Steam Cloud error persists after restarting.

3. Verify Game Files: In most cases, corrupted game files can cause Steam Cloud errors. Here’s how you can verify the integrity of game files on Steam:

  • Open Steam and go to your Library.
  • Right-click on the game that’s experiencing the Steam Cloud error and select “Properties.”
  • Navigate to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • Steam will then check the game files and replace any corrupted files if necessary.

4. Disable/Enable Steam Cloud Sync for the Game: Try toggling the Steam Cloud sync option for the specific game:

  • Open Steam and go to your Library.
  • Right-click on the game experiencing the issue and select “Properties.”
  • Go to the “Updates” tab and uncheck the “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” box. Click “Close” to save the settings.
  • Restart Steam.
  • Repeat the steps above but enable the “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” box this time.
  • Launch the game and check if the Steam Cloud error is resolved.

5. Clear Steam Download Cache: Clearing the Steam download cache can potentially fix various issues, including Steam Cloud errors. Here’s how to clear the download cache:

  • Go to Steam > Settings.
  • In the Settings window, navigate to the “Downloads” section.
  • Click on the “Clear Download Cache” button.
  • Restart Steam and check if the Steam Cloud error persists.

Note: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, you may want to consider contacting Steam Support for more personalized assistance. Provide them with the specific error message you’re seeing and any relevant details about your system setup, which can help identify and resolve the issue more effectively.

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