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If you’re looking for more ways to collaborate with other TikTok users, check out the Stitch feature. Stitching lets you trim a clip from someone else’s video and then use it at the start of yours. It’s great for reaction videos, where you post your response to another video you’ve seen.

In this article, we will explain how you can stitch a video on TikTok.

To stitch a video on TikTok, follow these steps:

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1. Open the TikTok app on your device.

2. Find the video that you want to stitch with. You can search for specific videos using keywords or hashtags, or browse through your For You feed or the following pages.

3. Once you’ve found the video you want to stitch with, tap on the “Share” button, which is represented by an arrow pointing to the right. It is located on the right side of the screen, below the video.

4. In the Share menu, you’ll see various options. Tap on the “Stitch” button.

5. On the video editing screen, you’ll see the original video you selected at the top, and a timeline of your video at the bottom.

6. You can trim the original video by dragging the blue handles on the timeline and adjusting the start and end points of the video. This allows you to select the specific portion you want to stitch.

7. Once you’re satisfied with the trim, tap on the “Next” button.

8. On the next screen, you can add captions, filters, stickers, or other effects to your stitched video. Customize it based on your preferences.

9. After you’ve finished editing, tap on the “Next” button again.

10. The final step is to enter a caption and any desired hashtags related to your stitched video. You can also choose who can see your video by adjusting the privacy settings.

11. Tap Post to post the video to your TikTok feed.

Why Can’t I Stitch on TikTok? 

If you’re having trouble stitching videos together, the cause could be a number of reasons. Here’s a look at them.

  • Stitch isn’t enabled. Not all TikTok videos have Stitch enabled which means there’s no way of adding anything to the existing video. Sitch is only enabled if the creator chooses to do so.
  • Your response is too short. Your addition/response needs to be at least one second long to be stitched onto the original video. 
  • The clip you need is too long. It’s only possible to post a maximum of five seconds from another video. If the context requires it to be longer, you can’t extend it.

That’s it! Your stitched video will now be available on your TikTok profile for others to watch and engage with.

It’s worth noting that the option to stitch videos may not be available for all videos on TikTok. Some users may disable the stitching feature for their videos, which means you won’t be able to stitch those particular videos.

Remember to adhere to TikTok’s community guidelines and respect the original creators when stitching videos. Always give credit to the original content and use the stitch feature responsibly.

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